About Me


This my humble homepage, it is nothing at all fancy but serves as a portfolio of all my work.

To the left is a list of all my projects separated into various categories.

As a rule the most recent is in the “Active Projects” Menu.


Started on my high school degree HTX in 2005 and finished it in 2008. After this I went to Aalborg University to follow the Internet technologies and communication programme. After 3 semesters I changed to the Medialogy programme which I finished in 2014 with a Master’s Degree in Medialogy with specialization in games. Since then I have been looking for a job while using my spare time on personal project.

My spare time is mostly concerned with game development. More recently I have taken a liking to board games for which I have a new appreciation for their clear rules and in most cases elegant design.


As a worker I’m somewhat unique. My education has given me a special skill set that is entirely devoted to game development. At Medialogy we focused on several aspects of interactive experiences and games included the art, design and implementation of games.

My personal specialization lies in programming where I have used Unity3D with C# almost exclusively during my education however through various courses I have been presented to and worked with other subjects such as mobile development, mostly in the form of Android and Java.

I also have experience working with Blender but constrained to working with static meshes and texturing.

The design aspect is something I enjoy and have read numerous books on the subject with my favorite being “Level Up A Guide to Great Game Design“. I particularly enjoy user focused testing and the part where the results are gathered, analysed and incorporated.

I also have a lot of experience designing and conducting user testing.

As a worker I’m best suited to being responsible for my own area as I enjoy the freedom to work within a certain boundary. I like to participate at all levels of development (design, art and programming) but my focus and expertise lies in programming. I enjoy working with the polish of a product and thinking of new ways to “juice” up various elements.

I am very dedicated once working on a project, I often don’t mind staying and working until 23:00, in fact I think it, most times at least, is in good old danish “hyggeligt”.