This page contains a “best of” selection of prototype games.

Dicey Seas

render texture for cards, fair dice rolling w/ physics, “digital” board game

Journeys into pixels

This project became many different things, started as a spin off from PEG that uses the same layout engine but small sprites showing enemies and various dungeon crawl stuff. It transitioned from a PEG puzzle game, to a mine sweeper game, to a turn-based tactics game.

Unfortunately, not a lot remains from this time.

Unnamed VR Paddle game

Very quick prototype, core idea was to play some kind of paddle game mixed with squash, twisted into som rpg. The dice would use its “roll” (face which is “most” north, dot test).

Dice Kingdom

Very simple area control game. Roll dice and match faces with a region to conquer it. Intent was to have a very simple game in order to learn and implement the Photon multiplayer engine.

Warpflux I

A rare image of the first revision of “Warpflux”, somewhat unique feature is the perspective. One of the first games made “for fun” rather than as part of a project or competition.

Warpflux II

Small clip from the 2nd revision of “Warpflux”. This time the concept was more refined and was mainly remade in order to build on what was learned. The “nice” feel was inspired somewhat by the TV show “The Expanse” where distances were conveyed in a action-y but lifelike way, giving weight and a great sense of distance.

Golf Crawl


PEG was a test into making smaller scope games with more familiar mechanics. PEG was based on the basic premise of the “PEG” puzzle. 1 space is open and the player must clear pegs by “jumping over” other pegs into an empty hole.

The idea was further refined by each peg containing a color and solving the puzzle would color the world.

The main challenge here was making editorgui to easily facilitate the production of new layouts. A small “api” was also made to import from png’s.