University Work

This page contains a bunch of stuff from my time at the Medialogy programme at Aalborg University.

Novint Falcon

The Mansion

This was my first time using C# with Unity3D and was made as part of the 5th semester of Medialogy. The project was made with Lasse Hjort Rasmussen and Michael Karred Steffensen.

It showcases a lot of unique and first time stuff for us. The biggest challenge and part of the project itself, was creating ingame questionnaires, providing a less intrusive way of polling people.

Med7 – Multistable perception

Saviour of Asgard

Part of the 2013 DADIU production as a Game Programmer. DADIU collects students from all over Denmark and combines them in teams to fully focus on game development for a single semester.

This was before unity had an official GUI system for ingame. My main responsibility was creating a GUI system for the game.

Unseen – 4th Semester project

Made a slender man game before slender man was popular 🙂 The project tested if a horror experience could be better controlled by reading the users “fear level”. The measurement was done by galvanic skin response (sweat), sensed by a custom mouse (read: mutilated).


Purpose of project was learning about machine vision and combining it with gameplay. The game features two players. The Left Player must avoid traps while The Right Player must place/activate traps.

We also made a simple level generator (this was our first unity project). This made sure that the game continued until at player lost.